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While Chronicles of the Luftwaffe only covers a very small aspect of the historical period and the German Luftwaffe at that time, there are additional sources available should you require more detailed information on specific topics.

  • About the Luftwaffe infrastructure, airfields, unit allocations, etc. please try Flugplaetze der – the site is currently in German only but you can still contact the owner in English and will receive a response.
  • Go to www.strahlj√§, a web site about German Jet Fighters, related Flight Logs, and the Brunnthal airfield. Offers public access to a comprehensive database containing flight information for roughly 2.800 documented flights using Arado Ar 234, Heinkel He 162 & He 180, Messerschmitt Me 163 and Me 262.

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  1. Douglas Lane says:

    Hello ,
    I would like to know if you have any information on Luftwaffe Night Fighter pilot August/Erich Kayser who flew for NJG 100 ? I have looked up his info on the Kracker Luftwaffe list & have contacted the German Military archive /Bundesarchiv back in April of this yr. , have yet to hear anything back yet.Should you have anymore about pilot Kayser I would be delited. I have all his award documents & his very 1st nite mission papers . Thanks

  2. Adriano Silva Baumgartner says:

    While researching about KGr 100 for my own projects (of a novel not a book history), I found your site…and of course was interested on Kurt Welter and NJG11 claims as well.
    Firstly, do allow me to congratulate you on one of the most magnific historical cross-checks I have read.
    And, after reading your INTRODUCTION, I discovered how Human, how HUMBLE you are.
    I will try to contact you on the email on your site, privately.
    PLEASE do keep going and writing. I wish we could have more Historians like you… By the way, like you I do have that passion and since 13-14 years old, do communicate with former RAF, USAAF and LW veterans. Since then I never stop reading and researching, having met Major Martin Drewes in Brazil, back in 1996, before he edited his own memories. I am currently working on a major book-tribute to ALL Brazilians that enlisted, flew, died and survived with the RAF, RCAF, SAAF and USAAF in WW2…a work with more than 900+ pages so far, covering 79 such airmen. I know, that another Brazilian Historian is researching about the Brazilian born airmen in the Luftwaffe….Yes, we had that too! So…their memories, like you said, are not forgotten, neither their deeds.
    Again, please do accept my humble CONGRATULATIONS…they do come from my heart and admiration for a lovely and superb work done…
    OBS: I used to fly as a Commercial Pilot (Survey flights on turbo-props, Flight Instructor, etc..)…now do keep happy researching and writting…
    Cheers and a big hug, from
    Adriano Silva Baumgartner (ASV 00.344 by CENIPA)

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