Luftwaffe Flight Logs

This page is not “about the famous few” – quite to the contrary, it names some of the “unknown many” that flew for the various branches and wings of the Luftwaffe.

The Flugbuch was a pilots personal log of airtime – his flight log. Ideally, it documents every single one of his flights from the very first training flight he flew along to the very last flight he performed as a pilot. Obviously, just one flight log was not sufficient to cover the potentially large number of flights… which means that in many cases where I got my hands on “one” flight log, it only represents a fraction of the pilots real career.

PDFA list of the Flight Logs I currently have copies of is provided here. I am happy to trade & exchange – I am also happy to provide information where necessary. As I am trying to grow the list over time, I will provide new versions of the list in regular intervals to stay tuned and come back to check if anything new has arrived…