Luftwaffe Units

To bring some structure to the subsequent pages linking to individual units of the Luftwaffe, at least a high-level separation is required. Following established standards, the organization used here is following the structure Wolfgang Dierich has lined out in his book about the units of the Luftwaffe [1. Dierich, Wolfgang (1976)].

  • See the Jagdflieger section of any kind of fighter unit – day fighter units, night fighter units and destroyer units.
  • If your are looking for bomber units, go to the Kampfflieger section.
  • Any type of reconnaissance unit as well as weather and courier flights you will find under Aufklärungsflieger.
  • The close-to-ground units such as dive bombers, tank busters etc. can be found in Nahkampfflieger.
  • Finally, any kind of transport unit is covered in Transportflieger.

Wolfgang Dierich is additionally covering SAR Sea and medical units as well as anti-aircraft units, signal units and airborne troups – all of which I have no references to on these pages.


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All Maps are to be considered “sketches” – they serve the purpose of illustration and represent the overall “big picture”. But they are not 100% accurate or complete with respect to locations and/or information.


  • Dierich, Wolfgang (1976): “Die Verbände der Luftwaffe 1935 – 1945” – Motorbuch Verlag – ISBN 3-87943-437-9