The Flight Log of Walter Stolz

Quite some time ago, I have started to collect flight logs of former Luftwaffe Pilots. A flight log is small book, usually showing one line entries per flight:

Sample PageWhat they don’t do is tell the stories behind the flights – the page above is a sample from Walter Stolz’s log. Luckily, he had a rather clear handwriting and although the letters are written in “Sütterlin“, the German words are easily readable (with a bit of practice and if you speak German).

PDFSo let me introduce a Flight Log Guide to you – I have taken the flight log of Walter Stolz and tried to put it into perspective: by providing you with copies of the original pages on the one side but also with the events surrounding them and some additional explanation. If new information becomes available, I will update over time.

This may not be entirely correct and if you find information that is wrong or could be extended, please let me know – I am happy to receive feedback and develop the result further – with the Internet, publishing is not the end, it is the beginning!

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