New Flight Logs and Updates to the Flight Log List

My last post already mentioned the arrival of some new flight logs. But even more have come in:

  • Walter Loos: log only covers his training time so far. Later in the war, the joined JG 300 and JG 301, finally flying Tank Ta 152 H. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross April 20, 1945. I am trying to receive a copy of the second log (which is available) to complete his history.
  • Hans Berger: probalby his second log, covering roughly 200 flights for JG 1 including some Heinkel He 162 flights towards the end of the war.
  • Lothar Sachs: flew for I./JG 300 night fighter combat missions on Bf 109 G.

Also arrived have some night fighters:

  • Heinz Hommel: got a copy of the Leistungsbuch. Flew 92 Combat missions.
  • Heinz Brandt: flew with NJG 2 and NJG 3. Post-war transscript, typewriter. Two pages missing.
  • Heinz Weber: flew with 3./NJG 1 on Heinkel He 219 “Uhu” and Ju 88.
  • Karl-Heinz Becker: flew with 10./NJG 11 night-fighter combat missions on single-seated Me 262 A-1a, hunting Mosquitos.

There are some more that I have not explicitly mentioned. Please refer to the updated list available here.

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