Some new Flight Logs & a surprise

I have recently gotten my hands on some new Luftwaffe Flight Logs – time to update my list and see who is interested in any type of exchange.

  • Armin Mehling: log covers his time in flight training (or better: the first flights seem to be training flights) and then his time with 7./JG 51 on the Eastern Front until April 1944.
  • Arnold Bringmann: a very interesting set of four logs, covering his time from his first training flight in 1939 to war’s end. Mostly served with JG 3.
  • Helmut Lennartz: another fine example of a log, covering time from early 1941 to April 1945. He flew with JG 11 and finally with Erprobungskommando 262. On August 15, 1944, he was part of a flight of Me 262 Jets scrambling from Stuttgart Echterdingen. On that flight, he downed a Boeing B-17, possibly the first recorded victory of a jet over a bomber and the third overall aerial victory in a jet fighter.
  • Werner Schroer: Flew with JG 27 in North Africa and then with JG 54 and JG 3. Scored 114 aerial victories and was awarded the Knight’s Cross with Oakleaves and Swords.
  • Helmut Beckmann: Joined JG 27 after his flight training and flew in North Africa.
  • Hansgeorg Bätcher: flew with KG 100, later with KG 4. Eventually transferred to KG 76, flying Arado Ar 234 jet bombers.
  • Anton Korol: flew with SG 2 on the Eastern Front.
  • Hendrik Stahl:  another Schlachtflieger. Flew with StG 2, StG 151, SG2. Over 1200 Feindflüge, awarded with the Knight’s Cross with Oakleaves.

As a surprise, I also got my hands on a copy of the Startkladde 7./Jagdgeschwader 51 – the Staffel’s central register of flights. It is covering a time span from September 13, 1943 to July 31st, 1944. The Staffel was mostly put to action on the Eastern Front.

Extract of the 7th Staffel Startkladde - Jagdgeschwader 51

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