New Flight Logs Fragements arrived

I was able to claim some flight log fragments from an archive being dissolved. These copies have been made back in the 1970s and – as photo copies were expensive back then – only cover specific pages of the logs. Some of them I mentioned earlier but here is the complete list:

  • Strassner, Johannes: Leistungsbuch, covering his time with 2./NJG 2 starting June 22nd, 1944 and ending August 26th, 1944.
  • Lau, ?: Flight Log Fragment covering flights #286 – #342 (September 11, 1944 – January 14, 1945). Flew for NJG 1.
  • Goldmann, ?: Flight Log Fragment covering flights #457 – #494 and flights #742 – #796. All in all from May 1943 to March 1945. Reported as flying for NJG 7.
  • Brandt, Heinz: a flight log copy, typed up (most likely after the war) and raning from September 1, 1943 – December 27, 1944. Said to have flown for 4./NJG 3
  • Jansen, Heinz: A flight log, covering flights #1 – #141. Flew for IlV./NJG 101
  • Fischer, ?: Flight Log Fragement, covering flights #121 – #487. Flew for NJG 1.
  • Weber, Heinz: Flight log fragment, covering flights #151 – #315. Covers time from March 1943 – September 1944. NJG 1 and NJGr. 10.
  • Pützkuhl, Josef: Flight log Fragement, covering flights #1738 – #1790, flights #1842 – #1861, and #2419 – #2474. Flew for NJG 100.
  • Becker, Karl-Heinz: already discussed in the previous post, 10./NJG 11.
  • Krause, Fritz: flight log fragement, covering flights #2267 – #2302 and flights #2850 – #2861.

From other sources, I have received

  • Buddeke, Rudi: a flight log covering his time in training and then KG 4. Flights #1 – #206, dating November 1941 – May 1945.
  • Staffa, Alfred: a flight log covering the time from December 1940 – April 1945. Flew with NJG 1.

I will have my list updated shortly…

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3 Responses to New Flight Logs Fragements arrived

  1. Michael Cumming says:

    I note that you have a flight log book described as…
    Fischer, ?: Flight Log Fragment, covering flights #121 – #487. Flew for NJG 1.
    I am researching an incident on 5 July 1944, over Paris, when a pilot whose name was Fischer, August (?), claims to have brought down a four-engine aircraft at 0136 hours. Is this incident recorded in your flight log book?
    Kind regards. – Michael Cumming

    • Michael Cumming says:

      Having looked further, I suspect that the newly-arrived flight log fragments in which I declared a particular interest will turn out to relate to the activities of one Helmut Fischer, NJG 1, and not to ‘my’ Fischer, August (?). Nonetheless, his could be a Service record that may excite other researchers. – Michael Cumming

  2. Robert Foster says:

    Just “discovered ” your web site. My father was a B-17 pilot and was shot down on April 17, 1943, plane commander of the Sky Wolf II. I am trying to gather as much information that I can about that day and battle. He was seriously wounded and spent 4 months in the hospital before Stalag Luft 3 until liberated. Any response or contact would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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