Significant Updates to Flight Logs & Flight Log List

“Silence is Golden” they once said – and I have been silent here for quite some time. And there are different reasons for that – one is I caught myself up in an interesting flight log and story that still requires a ton of time to research. The second reason is that my list of flight logs has grown… beyond the point where I can manage my list as a table in a simple document…

As a result, I had to create myself a little database – and that took some experimenting and some try & error to get me to a point I can present the updated results.

Flight Log DatabaseDesigning the database scheme, creating it and filling it with data was quite worth spending the time – I am now able to quickly search, filter and export the data I need.

Updated Flight Log List

With the data now completely transferred, I have been able to update my flight log list – the new version is online and can be downloaded here.

Proof of Existence

I also received quite a lot of data from “down under” – the sender will know and should know that I am extremely gratful for his gracious gift. One of the insights that came from that collection is a set of flight logs that had been on sale (mostly on eBay) but were we only have the photos used for the auction itself.

I initially was tempted to not include those logs in my database as I do not have the logs themselves – but I finally decided that it was worth to record them as “proof of existence” and see if the current owner of the log is interested in exchanging information. The list is also now included in the Flight Log List.

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