“Kommando Welter” – The 10./NJG 11

I have promised this for quite some time, now I have reached a point where I want to live up to my promise. A few comments, I hope, are allowed though:

  1. I have spent about a year researching the background behind 10./NJG 11 – others have spent a much longer time doing so.
  2. I don’t claim, I have the answer to it all and I don’t believe that my documented findings are without error.

I share my findings and thoughts with everyone at no cost because I believe this is a story worth being told and the airmen involved, no matter what country they have been flying for, deserve to be remembered.

If you think, I made a mistake somewhere… you may be right. In this case, please get in touch with me and tell me where you think I am wrong and why. I’d love to hear your position! And I am much appreciating any kind of input!

I am fully aware that – at the moment – the German language of the script reduces it’s reach. Therefore, I will begin a translation into English. Having said this, my current intention is to only correct and amend any of my findings in the to-be English version to avoid double work. As I am currently also running a second project, I have no due date for this English version – I’d like to loosely target Q2/2015.

2015-06-21: Please note that the download of the originally posted version has been removed and the document has been replaced by a web site to be found here.

Having said this, please feel free to download your copy of my findings on Mosquitos and their Me 262 adversaries… a fascinating story about the Luftwaffe’s only operational jet unit in the Nachtjagd. And please: let me know what you think and where you think that I need to adjust my script over time!


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One Response to “Kommando Welter” – The 10./NJG 11

  1. Neil Page says:

    Hello Andreas,
    Thank you very much for this download – fascinating material at first glance, I look forward to studying it more closely..
    alles gute
    translator, Lorant/Goyat ‘JG 300’ and Boiten/Mackenzie ‘Nachtjagd War Diaries’ (personal accounts)

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